Supervisor I

Provides leadership to the manufacturing team, and facilitates the production process to ensure the achievement of manufacturing, quality, housekeeping and safety objectives. Develops high performance work team with ongoing coaching and direction, both formal and informal.
Leads Team Members in the performance of manufacturing processes.
As the key resource for the manufacturing team, the Manufacturing Facilitator provides guidance in the resolution of problems.
Leadership responsibilities include:
Ensure that all Team Members' actions and manufacturing processes meet specified safety and housekeeping requirements.
Responsible for ensuring the maximum production within the parameters of the highest quality practices.
Assigns specific tasks, as required, to ensure the most cost effective and productive use of the Team Members.
Ensures that tools and materials essential for the performance of the work are readily available.
Responsible for all Team Members' performance by providing training, guidance, and timely feedback through day-to-day feedback and periodic performance appraisals.
Establishes and facilitates small group team initiatives for continuous improvement.
Maintains comprehensive records to document the performance of his/her area of responsibility.
The Manufacturing Facilitator is responsible for evaluating existing and new products to determine the optimum processes, standards, equipment, tools, flow and facilities required to manufacture products. In doing so, the responsibilities include:
Conducts root-cause analyses of manufacturing process to identify, define and resolve manufacturing problems and opportunities. Enlists the requisite support (I.E., M.E., etc.) to ensure the timely resolution of problems and the prompt implementation of improvements.
Continually monitors existing operations and implements possible improvements or cost reductions. Prepares related analysis, layouts and other supportive data. Prepares comparative cost estimates using alternative production methods.
Audits standards and ensures changes for improvements in data base accuracy.
Responsible for ensuring that all processes and products meet all quality standards. In doing so, the Manufacturing Facilitator is responsible for the following:
Assures Team Member awareness and compliance to manufacturing process instructions (MPS's, WPS's, Router Documentation & Work Instructions), ISO Standards and JLG Quality System Procedures, and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS Requirements.
Identifies problems or opportunities, which affect quality. Communicates the information to the affected functions and develops and implements corrective action.
Responsible for the changes needed in machines, processes, materials and assembly.
Implements inspection procedures to improve end products, reduce costs and enhance quality.
Investigates product defects and makes modifications in products or quality standards where such appear to be warranted.
Provides technical assistance to the Materials Management group in connection with the purchase of raw materials, supplies and equipment, and in qualifying new sources of material.
Provides input for strategic planning regarding manufacturing initiatives.
Responsible for other duties as assigned.
1 plus year(s) experience managing in a manufacturing and/or production environment
Bachelor's degree in Operations Management or related field
Team Coordinator Assessment
Lean/Six Sigma or Project Management certifications
Experience with Lotus Notes E-mail & JDE is recommended and will be required within three months in this position
Must complete Team and Continuous Improvement Training
Ability to plan and organize projects
Must possess good communication and problem solving skills
Ability to provide hands-on technical support in a production environment
Knowledge of CFM, Pull Systems, Kaisen, Poke-yoke, Lean Manufacturing, Toyota Production System, Just-in-time Techniques, time standards, ergonomics, EHS, ISO 9000, computer skills and manufacturing experience in assembly processes
TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: On-the-job training
Structured Management Training Course
New Leader Orientation - (Within first year) Program to integrate new leaders into JLG management. Includes HR, Safety, ISO, Materials, IE, and Manufacturing Administration information.
Excellence in Leadership - (Within first year) Leadership principles training to provide JLG leaders with the skills to improve overall performance through increased employee involvement.
The following key competencies are required. Additional training may be necessary to develop or further advance these competencies:
Leads with vision, Champions Innovation and Change, Demonstrates a Genuine Interest in Others, Provides Exceptional Customer Service, Builds, Maintains and Leverages Relationships, Communicates Effectively, Influences Others, Manages Conflict, Demonstrates and Promotes Teamwork, and Values and Respects Diversity.

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